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Corporate Sourcing Reaching the Edge of Boom
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SolarAPAC Digital Program Overview

Rooftop Solar
Japan Market Updates     
Module 01: Rooftop Revolution: Scaling-Up the Deployment of RTS in Japan
RTS + Energy Storage
Module 02: Strengthening Australia's Rooftop Solar Assets with Energy Storage 
RTS + Energy Storage
Module 03: Incorporating Energy Storage into your Rooftop Solar Asset in Japan 
Vietnam Market Updates
Module 04: After FiT2  - Policy and Projects Updates of Vietnam
Module 05: Decoding O&M: Considerations for Residential and C&I Rooftop Solar in Australia and APAC
Large-scale Solar
Solar Farm O&M
Module 06: Key Considerations for Cutting Cost and Increasing Output of Your PV System
Module 07: From Design to Operation: How to Maintain Stability in Performance and Reduce Risks in Extreme Weathers
Solar + Energy Storage
Module 08: Will Hybrid Solar & Storage Become the Future of Renewables in Asia?
Central Asia Market Updates
Module 09: Reflection on 2020 and Plans Ahead for Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Solar Power
Asset Management
Module 10: Making Your Power Portfolio in Vietnam More Appealing for Acquisition
Floating Solar
Module 11: How to Design Against Natural Hazards Affecting Floating PV Projects
Indonesia Market Updates
Module 12: Digging Indonesia Solar PV Market - Complementing 6.5GW Capacity with IPP Solar Program
Project Risk Mitigation
Module 13: How to Divest, Sell or Refinance your Solar Projects With Lower Risks
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SolarAPAC Digital Series

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